Lifesaving Systems Corp. (LSC) has been providing the world’s Search & Rescue responders with rescue, safety, and survival equipment for over 38 years. Today, LSC equipment is in service with all branches of the United States Military as well as military services, civilian helicopter operators & rescue agencies worldwide. At RSM18, LSC can be found in the exhibition hall and will also be conducting live demonstrations of their equipment during the pool session. For more information on the range of equipment LSC provide, head to or email




The European Rescue Swimmer’s association is pleased to announce that our longtime partner Helisafe AB, will be attending the 5th Rescue Swimmer’s Meeting in Reykjavik. With over twenty years of experience, Helisafe are experts in aircrew safety, survival systems and helicopter search and rescue equipment. To check out their products and consultation services head to or contact them at





The European Rescue Swimmer’s association is pleased to announce that Lite Flite will once again be joining us at our Rescue Swimmer’s meeting as a Gold partner. Established in 1968, Lite Flite provides helicopter rescue equipment to skilled SAR crews in more than 40 countries world wide. The guys at Lite Flite will be on hand in Reykjavik and are looking forward to chatting with SAR Crews about their equipment needs.
To check out Lite Flite’s range of products, head to or contact them at




The European Rescue Swimmer’s association is very pleased to announce that our longstanding partner, Ursuit, will be joining us again at the 5th Rescue Swimmer’s Meeting in Reykjavik. Ursuit provides drysuits that protect our rescue swimmers and crew members when they carry out their duties in extreme conditions. These suits are found extensively in SAR operations from Northern Finland all throughout Europe, and can now even be found in service on rescue helicopters in Australia. For more information on the range of Ursuit Drysuits, head to or email




The European Rescue Swimmer’s association is pleased to announce that our very close partner Axnes, will be attending the 5th Rescue Swimmer’s Meeting in Reykjavik with the Polycon Next Generation (PNG) wireless intercom system. This system provides seamless duplex communication in and outside the aircraft providing Rescue Swimmers with high quality communications and increased situational awareness throughout all stages of rescue operations. Axnes will be on hand with the new base station and hand pieces and are looking forward to answer any questions you may have about integrating PNG communications into your operations. For more information on the Axnes range of communication systems head to or email





Iridium waterproof Communication Systems. The European Rescue

Swimmer’s association is very pleased to announce that IWCS ApS will once again be joining us at the 5th Rescue Swimmer’s meeting taking place in Reykjavik this June 2018. IWCS providesstate-of-the-art waterproof, marine intercom solutions to Navy, Coast
Guard and independent SAR operators in Europe, North America and
Australia. Based on its experience in developing communication solutions
for high noise marine environments, IWCS set out to develop a new
headset meeting the requirements of the helicopter rescue swimmer. The
result, which Lars will be delighted to show you during the event, is
the iriComm3.0. To learn more about this new headset, visit the IWCS
website at [1] or send an email to




Norðurflug Helicopter Tour is the largest helicopter service in Iceland and has a long reputation of exceptional customer service and high operational standards. The projects on Norðurflug’s resume are as different as sightseeing tours, film flights, sling flights, heli skiing, heli biking and open door photography tours. With it’s experience in both aesthetic and practical flying, Norðurflug is your go-to helicopter company in Iceland.




66°NORTH  was founded in 1926 in Iceland with the purpose of making protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen braving the North Atlantic elements. To

day 66°NORTH continue to make functional clothing without compromise for all kinds of outdoor activity.

Trained mountaineers, outdoor professionals and rescue team members test our products before they are manufactured in our own factories under close supervision. This is how we know that clothing from 66°NORTH will keep you sheltered and comfortable during the cold and wet winter days.
66°NORTH is a proud partner to EURORSA‘s Rescue Swimmers Meeting 2018. Check out their catalouge at




Meriturva Maritime Safety Training
Centre is a world class training centre that enables realistic sea survival, HUET and Helicopter Winching operations in their purpose build facility in Lohja, Finland. The first Rescue Swimmer’s was held at the Meriturva centre and since then this fantastic facility has been a perfect place for our members to prepare for the challenges of maritime Search and Rescue operations. Meriturva is once again supporting our meeting and the EURORSA is very pleased and grateful for their continued support. For more information on the facility and courses run by Meriturva head to






The European Rescue Swimmer’s Association is delighted to announce
Airbus helicopters as a partner for RSM18. From the light twin H135, to the
classic whirl of the HH-65 AS365N3+ dauphin to the 11 tonne H225, Airbus
Helicopters have been a welcome sight coming over the horizon to those
in trouble on wild seas or in remote wilderness. With exciting new
Airbus Helicopters set to join the medium market the EURORSA is looking
forward to seeing how the new helicopters will take our members to those
in peril faster and also cleaner than before, taking a step forward in
respecting the environment while helping those in need. To view the
nge of helicopters head to


The ÖK Hull is a revolutionary hull-and-keel technology that will ultimately disrupt marine industries globally. Confirmed by independent research to be capable of up to 20x less slamming than competing hulls, the ÖK Hull ensures otherwise unattainable seakeeping in the most extreme marine environments. A product of the harshest conditions of the North Atlantic, the ÖK Hull has been confirmed by professionals worldwide to provide mariners with endurance and comfort in crafts that are practically impossible to make unsafe. This is achieved without compromising cruising or top speeds, while providing owners with the benefit of lower vessel life cycle cost not only from mechanical and on-board equipment fatigue, but also from medical, disability and insurance related costs. The ÖK Hull offers a uniquely smooth experience.